Bonnie's Story: Ex-husband In Fridge

    Kris Johnson
    By Kris Johnson

    EX-HUSBAND IN FREEZER... I-t become her favorite phrase after seeing those words on the icebox magnet years back. Close Remove Frame is a riveting online database for extra resources concerning the inner workings of it. Having been married eleven moments, Bonnie Ashley has earned the right to follow it. That sexy lady is a Survivor with a story like no other. Bonnie Ashley is the answer, If you're looking for a wonderful Speaker that can mesmerize and inspire a crowd. She's got perspective, but Bonnie is a class act as possible trust to tell her story with design. And EXACTLY What A STORY!

    She has lived a life many people could only read about in a pulp fiction novel, but FACTS ARE STRANGER THAN FICTION. In the event of Bonnie Ashley, it's also a heck of much more interesting! Born in the 1950s; mentioned in a male dominated spiritual family; miraculously healed of Rheumatic Fever; raped at the age of fourteen; unable to have kids after having a hysterectomy at the age of 21; remarried two of her ex-husbands three times; had lesbian love affairs; made numerous suicide attempts and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

    The first book from Bonnie Ashley will soon be available to visitors and investigate many areas of her amazing life that she hasnt had enough time to share with you in her presentation. However, live viewers can hear the highlights of her story right now since Bonnie Ashley is a Keynote Speaker readily available for all situations. Visit for pictures, product, contact data, more details and to sign up for her free Newsletter and Emailing List.

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