Microsoft Certification: The New MCTS Tracks And Exams

Microsoft is revamping its certification songs, and will eventually retire the familiar MCSE certificatons. In case you require to learn supplementary information about, there are many libraries people can pursue. The new certification setup is much like Cisco's, where you will find specialist certifications to go with the more common CCNA, then mid-level certifications including the CCNP, and then a more-advanced practical exam modeled somewhat following the desirable CCIE certification.

Microsoft's new expert exams will be the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) exams. Learn further about by visiting our pictorial wiki. At the time of March 2006, there were five distinct MCTS Tracks. Three of them deal with.NET Framework 2.0; these are the Web Application, Windows Applications, and Distributed Applications certifications. This refreshing wiki has oodles of unique tips for why to see about it. All these independent certifications requires the candidate to pass two exams. There's also a SQL Server 2005 certification, in addition to a Server 2006 single-exam certification.

The first question is \Why is Microsoft doing this?\ According to their site, MS seems that IT hiring managers today have trouble deciding which computer qualifications best determine job candidates who best meet their needs. To discover additional info, please consider checking out: informedseries. I know it's an easy task to take verbal photographs at Microsoft (it'll be an Olympic sport 1 day), but this new series of certs does have charm for hiring managers, which could only help qualified candidates. Rather than the more-general MCSE, which does still have problems with the overcertification of NT 4.0 MCSEs back the time, these more-specific qualifications may make it easier for the job candidate to show they can do the job - and easier for the hiring manager to make an informed decision.

Microsoft has not reported the track that will eventually replace the MCSE, but this track will be revealed with all the next client-server Windows launch. It's up-to you to stay informed of these changes, so I recommend you visit Microsoft's certification website usually. \I didn't know\ is not much help once a certification finishes!.