Prime 3 Reasons Why you ought to stop cooking with propane

Top 3 Reasons Why you ought to stop cooking with propane

by Jonathan F. Pratt

Why should you keep buying bulky and dangerous gas cylinders on your camping trips when free fuel from nature herself is all around you?

You should stop cooking with propane for your hiking visits because:

No 1 Propane is costly

# 2 Propane cylinders are bulky to carry

No 3 Propane is potentially dangerous and volatile

Often when you go camping, there's an abundance of free fuel you may use for cooking: including limbs, sticks, and pine cones. The problem is, to be able to use mother natures preparing energy, you normally have to go through the hassle of finding kindling, then obtaining an amount of divisions, logs, etc... Next, you would have to break them down to size and set up your pile of wood in a correctly cleaned area, safe to build a fire. Eventually, you've to patiently light the fire and nurse it until it is going strong enough; this assumes you have the right equipment to keep a pot or pan on the fire to begin with.

There's to be a better way!

What's promising is: There IS a much better way.

Look At The New WoodGas Camp Range by iENERGY.

Why utilize the WoodGas camp range?

The WoodGas stove is the cleanest burning transportable camp stove available. The stove is simple to light with only a couple of twigs and with a special starter gel and other forest and tree debris you can pick up from the floor in about a second could keep you cooking for up to 30-minutes. You will be astonished at just how electric and clean burning the Woodgas stove is. The relationship is properly included in the stove until lots of fuel is used in half an hour or less, putting fuel is easy for longer cooking sessions.

Together with the WoodGas camp stove you can forget both the complications and expense of buying costly and dangerous propane or all the work involved in building an open pit fire for cooking. The WoodGas range is also exceptional for emergency preparedness.

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